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Super Robotnik Land

Dezzan Compilation (Three unfinnished games, one zipped file)


Morshu the Adventure (Alpha)


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8th Fe 11

It's 2011 already. Holy shit! Time sure does fly...
It's been silent for far too long. I think most of you guys already realized that I would never complete Super Robotnik Land II, heh, so instead of just keeping the unfinnished product to myself for the rest of my life, I'm now releasing it(4 full stages!) aswell as Morshu - The Adventure & The King is Gay, all FULLY PLAYABLE and EDITABLE (Game Maker files included for the editing). I love all the support I got from you guys, but I feel like im getting too old for this really and I got zero motivation left. But someday I might return... Might...

11th Apr 09

Happy birthday Super Robotnik Land!!
It's been pretty quiet from me for a while now, but I'm still working on YTP games, time to time.
Morshu the Adventure was a game I started working on a few months after Super Robotnik Land was released, but due to lack of ideas, the game slowly faded and never got finnished...
Now as a birthday treatment, you will be able to download my scrapped Morshu game
and try out the first and the only stage I finnished making.

I just want to thank everyone who have given me ideas, downloaded my game(s) and supported me! You guys are the best!! And a huge thanks to the dude that made a whole wikipedia article about the game! (but wikipedia mods deleted it the same day the article was created! :(

It can still be found here though, if anyone wants to read it.